Tuesday, May 13, 2014


So I decided to dedicate the first week of my Summer Break to relaxing and recharging before actually heading straight into working on projects. I've still been drawing a little bit each day, but I haven't really worked on any projects yet. I've mostly been playing games and readjusting to life at home. Plus tomorrow my family heads out on our family vacation, so I won't be active online until next week. Of course I'll still be sketching every day, it may just not be public on the internet (depending on whether I have wifi or not).

First few sketches of my break, mostly just characters.

Mother's Day doodles of my characters and their moms.

Some various character sketches and some little requests from my brother. They're all my brother and I's characters besides the one on the left, who is from a game we've been playing this week.

Some more various character sketches done.

My friend and I started playing Persona 3 Portable so I sketched some of the characters.

Some Pokemon sketches I did of my Nuzlocke challenge before I headed home for summer.

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