Monday, May 5, 2014

Let's Draw Some Characters

Since finals have been coming to a close, I've been taking advantage of using the cintiqs before heading out for summer. I sure am going to miss the labs this summer.

I did some character drawings based on my Random Character Name Picker. This gave me a chance to even re-design some of my old characters.

And it led me to figure out a new skin color for my character, Piko. Still trying to decide which fits him best.

I did a little doodle of Fenix. This sketchier line style is really starting to grow on me. It feels a lot more expressive.

And then I did a few more doodles. Mostly just to try and take my mind off of things. 

I also started thinking of some new costumes for my characters that will be in my thesis for next year.

I wanted to play around with some designs for some World Leaders.
 I'm not sure if I'm happy with my design for Scott, so I drew a whole page of sketches to try and make a final design for him. I'm happy with how the younger version came out (wearing the headphones on his head) but I'm still working with the other one. There were some sketches of Zandra, Gair, and Ralphie thrown into the top too. Then I did a gesture drawing of Scott and Bloods. I'm thinking of finishing it or at least a version similar to it in the near future.

And while I was at it, I did some drawings of dogs characters. I was going to re-design Cheato, but none of these really came out fitting for him, so I am going to keep reworking him.

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