Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Snull and Ralphie: More Sketches!

I ended up doing some finished drawings for my character, Ralphie, since I was stuck between whether to sculpt him or Snull. I ended up deciding to go with Snull and use her for my sculpt. I'm thinking about sculpting Ralphie at some point in my free time later though.

An old family photo of the Ragger family. 
Ralphie & Scott: age 8.
Character Pages for Ralphie.

An extra pages of sketches that I did for Snull.

Some gestures of the pose I'm thinking about using for my posed sculpt of Snull.

I did some revisions for Snull based off of some of the feedback I received.

Sketch of Snull when she was a part of the Death Association.

And this was a little concept sketch for the Demon World.

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