Saturday, February 8, 2014

First ZBrush Sculpts!

So our first project in Digital Sculpture Illustration was to create various creatures, and produce finished illustrations from them. This was my first time ever working in ZBrush before, so I did struggle a bit. But either way, I can definitely tell I am beginning to slowly understand the program better.

I started with a few "speed sculpts" that I spent about three hours on for each one. I decided to go ahead and make an extra one since I was not at all pleased with my first one. These are the final turnarounds exported from ZBrush.

This was my first take at creating a 3D illustration. I had some difficulties creating it, but after the class critique, I went back in and refined a few things.

This one I was much more pleased with, but there are still some parts that could use some work, of course.

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