Saturday, February 15, 2014

Character Project: Concepts!

My next project in Computer Animation II is sculpting a character. It's the most excited I've been for a project in one of my 3D classes.  

So initially, I drew some various drawings (as pictured below) of my characters. Some of the ones included in the initial pages were older drawings I've done, but the most recent representations of each. As you can see above, that is the final design I decided to go with.

Akuma Nai, a guardian demon

Cimc Suhc, a mouse

Mr Marcus, World Leader

 Pubby Ragger, a cat

 Ralphie Ragger, young boy from North Harbor

 Snull Lenso, ex-guardian demon

Squidwik, an alien from Io

Zandra Saku, member of the Tano Clan

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