Monday, January 6, 2014

Sketchbook Completed!

So I found an old sketchbook I used when I was younger and decided to continue it with recent work and finish it. This is my post for the last two days though, since I didn't get around to scanning until now.

Portrait for the other day.

Process of it.

Portrait for today.
Process for it

Sketch of myself. I finally decided to draw in my sketch book again.

Some marker drawings of The Nays.

And a page of my brother's character, Chone!

A few different ideas of how my character Rocko will look in his 60s (which is current day). Also the last drawing in this sketchbook!

Some gestures I did, trying to warm up and start drawing figures again.

And these are some designs for some new characters my brother and I made up: Bryan and Dundas!

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