Friday, October 4, 2013

Wolf-Dog Hybrid!

I attended my friend's Cafe Sketch class on Wednesday.  We went to the Topiary Park and drew a wolf-dog hybrid.  It was awesome, and really a great resource to study from for my Drawing for Entertainment Design class.  It was great to be up and personal with a wolf hybrid.  I drew so many gestures of him that I ended up finishing my sketch book finally.

A little digital sketch I did for the donors of a scholarship.
But I'm also thanking all of my followers on blogger! Thanks for being supportive and looking at my stuff.

These are all of the gestures done of the wolf-dog hybrid!

Wolves drawn at the zoo.

Quick environment studies from the zoo.

I decided to try drawing some various other animals, since I've been drawing so many wolves recently.

Portrait from class yesterday. Probably my best one so far!

Sketch Journal Pages

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