Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Various Sketches

This week I've been trying to get ahead in doing my LA homework that is due next week. Since this weekend I have a lot of plans for fun things with my friends, I don't want all of that LA homework to get in the way. On another note, I've been meeting with a bunch of my professors this week and finding out things to improve on, so I will be trying out a lot of new things and trying to make portfolio pieces hopefully in the weeks  to come.

Doodle done of Zandra, since I realized I really need to start drawing more stuff not for class.

Some little sketches I did of my characters in my free time. I've realized how much I really enjoy drawing my brother's character Firebreath (he's the dragon one).

We started using charcoal in my portrait drawing class this week. It is fairly difficult for me.

Sketches done at the zoo of the aquarium animals.

Sketch Journal Pages

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