Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Breaking CDs

For my Portrait Drawing class, we had to do a self portrait of ourselves using a non-traditional medium. So I chose to break up CDs and arrange them to show the values and shapes to make up: myself!

Here's the final product!

First my friend Jinny took a photo of me to use as a reference.

Then I traced over the image to figure out the basic frame.

Then I started out with a drawing from using the reference image.

Next up I started laying out the CDs.

I rearranged the CDs so that they would fit the shapes better and so that they only cover what is in the shadows. These are a few close ups and different angles.

And again, the final product!

...And not to mention there were a few minor injuries in the making of the project. They healed shortly after though, so all is okay!

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