Thursday, September 19, 2013

Fleshing Out Ideas!

Last weekend was an extremely busy weekend for my Drawing for Entertainment Design class. I made up the entire story outline and cranked out a bunch of concept work for my project. It's probably my most exciting class at the moment.

Silhouettes done of wolves. The last three in the bottom row are the ones I'm considering for Armon.

Silhouettes of Lilith. I'm most likely going to choose one of those last ones in the last row for the final.

Some environment studies done from the reference pictures I took at the zoo. Some of these were done without references, but I'm trying to experiment with making more stylized backgrounds. Backgrounds have always been the most difficult thing for me, so this is a big task for me.

Anatomy studies done of the animals. The Brown Bear is on the top and the Timber Wolf is on the bottom.

Some more studies of wolves I did at the zoo this week.

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