Friday, September 13, 2013

Animation Updates!

This week in Animation III we started animating our short. I ended up getting some of the roughs done and I re-learned some things about timing and charts. Overall it was a successful week.

Here's the rough animation I did.

Some sketches of the character in my animation, Kai.

Gestures drawn from the Three Caballeros.


  1. keep it up! You are getting more fluent. You got a good style for this field of art/work. If you don't already know him or his work, I encourage you to look up LeSean Thomas. He is an awesome animator/storyboarder/character designer/producer. Very inspiring. He even has a TED talk if you are interested in it. All the best to you this semester.

  2. Thanks so much, Matt!
    I'll definitely have to check out his stuff. :)