Monday, July 8, 2013

Process of "Jump" Speed Painting

Last night I decided to make a speed painting based off an idea that came to mind, from listening to Jump by Simple Plan. This one was done in Photoshop, using Chris Oatley's custom brushes. My characters in this piece are Arianna Digby and Larry Handu. This one went fairly quickly, since I didn't use any references at all.

This is the final image.

But to give you an idea of how I got there, here's the process:

I started out with some basic thumbnails, dran in SketchBook Pro.

And I proceeded to finalize the sketch.

I took my sketch into Photoshop and started laying in flat colors.

I proceeded to add in some darks and lights.

Then I rendered the piece some more and changed the position of Arianna and Larry.

And finally, the finished piece.
I cropped it in a bit to make a better composition.

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