Saturday, July 6, 2013

Catastrophe Known as Windows 7

I can honestly say I have never had this many problems with a WINDOWS operating system in my life.

Basically I was having some problems with my tablet and a few other USB devices on Vista. So I decided to change over to Windows 7. Which was a very big mistake on my part. On Vista, my Tablet would only work with Sai. On Windows 7, my Tablet is not even recognized. My scanner is not even recognized on Windows 7 (I apologize for the terrible quality sketch, but I had to use my camera).

Just a heads up that I will most likely be unable to post any digital art for a LONG time. Until I solve this issue, at least (which is completely unknown when it will happen). And the traditional work will not be the best of quality due to my scanner not being recognized.

I never thought I would miss Vista this much.


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