Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Return of Piko

This week has had its ups and downs, but overall it's been pretty good. My CFD sketches have been improving, which has been making me feel a lot better about myself. So art-wise, things have been going better than usual. And I'm finishing up a bunch of my finals, which means the last few weeks won't be as stressful as usual.

 "Piko Re-Designing"
So I decided to try and figure out a new re-design for one of my characters. I've been struggling to find the right kind of design for him, but I think I'm finally coming to something a little better here. The color palette still isn't completely to my liking, but I'll just keep experimenting until I find something better. I'm still considering changing his name too, because I feel like I could come up with something better, but that's still gonna take some time to come up with as well.

"Animation Walk Studies"
Our next assignment in Animation II is to create a walk cycle with personality, so I did some gestural sketches of people walking to try and get a sense of their personalities through a simple walk.

"Illustration Face and Expression Studies"
Some studies we did for my Illustration class, dealing with value, facial structures, and expressions.

"CFD Sketchbook Pages"
Some more additions to my on-going sketchbook project in Commercial Figure Drawing.

"Weeklies Animal Sketches"
This week we sketched a variety of animals, which was actually pretty fun.

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