Monday, March 11, 2013

Catching Up Week

This week didn't have all that much art from classes, since I didn't have class on Tuesday and Wednesday. Plus I felt like this week was more of a catching up week where I caught up on a lot of work. I also worked on clean-up for Aria this week, which is a short film being produced by the Advanced Time Based Projects class at my school (I have not yet uploaded it and will not until it is completed). Plus it was Jinny's birthday, so lots of celebrating and good fun. 

"Prince of All Saiyans"
So I've been re-watching Dragon Ball Z Kai with my roommates and so I decided to do some fanart. We just introduced the series to my friend Jinny and she ended up liking it. So since today's her birthday, I decided to draw her favorite character from it, Vegeta. Also, I haven't done DBZ fanart in forever so this was a lot of fun.

"Me With the Face"
Just a doodle of myself. This was real quick sketch I did. But basically Jinny was talking about this one face that I make, so I decided to draw myself making that face. I still need to figure out a good way to draw myself, but this was another test.

"Special Effects Concept"
This is the concept work I did for my special effects animation. I'm planning on working mostly with smoke.

"Dusk Concepts"
Some concept sketches I did of Dusk. She's going to be the character that I use in my effects animation for Animation II, so I decided to do some sketches of her.

"Special Effects Test Animation"
A test animation of smoke and then a short one of rain. These were just some initial tests that I did for my final effects animation.

"Portrait Practice"
A bunch of portraits I did from photographs as practice. We had to do 3 pages front and back of portraits for my Illustration class.

"Solemn Squid Wash"
This is the first part of my squid painting for Illustration class. I did a basic wash so far, but I plan to finish this piece within the next week or so. 

"CFD Sketchbook Pages"
Some more additions to my on-going sketchbook project in Commercial Figure Drawing.

"Pubby Ragger Expression and Model Sheets"
This week at the weeklies, we worked on model sheets and developing a character. I decided to develop Pubby some more since I never made a full model sheet for him. I may finish this one up sometime soon so that I can have a finished model sheet for him.

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