Wednesday, January 9, 2013

End of Winter Break

So I'm heading on back to CCAD soon, since classes start back up on Monday. So just like every other break, I've been doing nothing but working on stuff the last week of break to make up for the lack of work throughout the rest of break. Annd since I am going back, I apologize in advance since I will most likely have much smaller updates or delayed in updates due to college.

"Laughter of Friends"
A re-drawing I did of an old piece. These are my characters, Pearl and Pubby. So I decided to re-design Pearl, but I'm not sure if this is his final design or not yet. This was also a quick late present I did for my brother.

"Self-Portrait Banner"
This was one of my first concepts for the new banner, but I wasn't too satisfied with how it turned out, so I decided to scrap it.

"Banner Concepts"
Some sketches I did as concepts for the above banner I created.

"Kodomo no Omocha - FF8 Style"
I was really just experimenting with digital painting in Sai here.

"Cave Banner Concepts"
Some concept sketches for a new banner I have in mind. I'm considering changing the name of my blog as well to fit with this banner, but we'll see.

"Panda Sketches"
Some panda sketches I did before creating a re-design of my character, Pearl.

"Fox Sketches"
Jinny and I did some fox sketches this past week, and these are what I did. She suggested I draw animals, and I agreed since I really don't draw them often enough because I've never really been very good at it.

Daily gestures from the past week.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy 2013!

So 2013 hasn't been all that bad so far. I've been using my new tablet a whole lot, so it's been making me neglect my sketchbook besides for gestures. But I needed to practice digital art since I haven't done it all that much recently besides school.

"Art Summary 2012"
So since it's a new year, I made an art summary for 2012.
For more information and links to the individual pieces, check it out here.

"Cipo's First Computer"
My first digital piece for 2013! And going with my yearly tradition of drawing Cipo, I drew him with his parents as a young child. Still getting used to using Painter Tool Sai, but still my first finished piece of the year. 

"Gair Portrait"
Some portrait practice I did with my main character, Gair Saku.

"Six Main M Nays Gestures"
I was doing some gesture practice, but placing my own characters in the poses.

"Figure Practice"
I've been doing my daily gestures as usual, but this week I've been spending a bit more time with them. I've been really analyzing the figure before starting and trying to make them look at least more finished than quick gestures. I got a lot of help from Jinny this week.

"Improvement Meme 2006 - 2012"
And just for fun, I'm gonna plop this down here. I've been continually updating this improvement meme, but since it's the new year, I might as well put up there what I've got down so far.
Like the art summary, you can check it out here for more information and links to the individual pieces.