Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas & New Tablet

So the reason for my late update is because of Christmas, being busy with family and everything. But for Christmas I got a new Monoprice Tablet, and it works great so far! So now that I've got a new tablet, I can finally get back to being productive and get some digital art done.

"Lord of Pride"
My friends and I did a Secret Santa Exchange. So I drew Tara's character, Lucy. This was the first piece I did when I got my new tablet.

"Is This... Really the End...?"
A quick digital piece I did before I got my new tablet. This is Ted, when he is about to disappear.

"Pubby and Friends Christmas"
A Christmas present I made for my brother of Pubby and his friends.

"Colored Pencil Sketches"
A whole bunch of sketches I've done so far over winter break. I've found my love for colored pencils. I almost feel like I can't sketch in any medium but them now that I've become so attached to them.

"Squall Gestures"
Some practice digital gestures; I drew Squall (from Final Fantasy VIII) in all of the poses for these gestures though.

"Gesture Practice"
A bunch of gestures done mostly using figure drawing sites; some is from life though. I've done these pretty much every day of break so far. Some were done while referencing the Vilppu Drawing Manual. Others were done during drawing sessions Jinny and I had together.

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