Sunday, December 16, 2012

First Semester of Sophomore Year: Completed!

So I just finished up my first semester of sophomore year this past Friday. It was a very busy semester, as you can probably tell from the recent posts I've been updating with. I haven't even had a chance to really upload anything not for my Design for Media class since early October. Now I'll be uploading everything else that I've done in my other classes and in my free time. Enjoy my massive update:

"Neuro's Evil Torture"
This was my gift for the Secret Santa Swap that the Animation and Illustration Collectives did at my school. I had a lot of fun with this and I really started to realize how much more I enjoyed using Painter Tool Sai after working on this.

"Abra's Concentration"
A piece I did for the Illustration Collective at my school. This was also one of the first pieces I finished in Painter Tool Sai.

This animatic starts out with the protagonist, Benedict, standing outside of a large, fancy building. Benedict's mission is to assassinate Harrison. He faces his arch-enemy Blaine in a race to kill the target. As he runs through the masquerade, he is not only faced with his mission, but he also comes across a woman named Kali. This was my final animatic for my storyboarding class.

Music Interpretation animatic for storyboarding class. This is basically about the beginning of The Nays. The Nays find themselves in a mysterious new place known as The Link Between Worlds. They are faced with many obstacles that they must overcome.

Ted and Doge come across a mysterious box in warehouse. They decide to return the box to Muko Inc. because they think that the owner would like it back. Once they push it outside, it is revealed that there is Lotus, a slave boy, inside the box. Lotus seeks their help, but they are scared off and retreat. This was my final for my Animation I class. We had to make a 20 second animation about pretty much anything.

This was my first time animating to sound. We chose a sound clip out of a select few, and this was the one that I decided to go with. It's from a clip of MLP:FiM with Pinkie Pie. So this animation is really rough since we weren't given all that much time to come out with a finished piece. In fact, he wanted us to keep it rough in order to focus more on the movement rather than an actual finished animation. So this is my character Eather, since I figured this clip was close enough to her voice.

"Marker Sketches"
This was my first time using markers, so I did some experimenting with mixing colors to start it off. Jinny gave me a quick demo on how to use them.

"Colored Pencil Tests"
This semester I started experimenting with more various mediums in my sketchbook, thanks to Jinny. These are some tests that I did using colored pencils.

"Sketches of Me"
So I was trying to figure out how to draw myself. I couldn't really get the right style or way to draw myself though, even after this many attempts. Drawing myself accurately and stylistically is a lot harder than I thought.

"More Sophomore Sketches"
A whole bunch of various sketches from throughout my first semester of sophomore year. The majority of these are my characters, but at the very bottom there are a few sketches of Abra and Missingno.

"Gesture Practice"
A bunch of practice gesture drawings I've done throughout the semester.

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