Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Ugly Dinosaur Production: Coming to a Close

So this is our last week working on The Ugly Dinosaur Production. Our production will be done this Thursday, so now we are basically wrapping everything up and putting things together. It has been an extremely busy week, so I have been working on it a whole lot to help finish things up.

This week I worked on some of the clean-up for Oscar. I only did the basic lines for the majority of these, but I started on some coloring for two of the scenes. Vincent did these original roughs, while Blair finished up the clean-up on the rest of the scenes of Oscar in Scene 3 while I worked on other parts of the project.

As the Pipeline Director, I updated our Youtube page, Facebook group, and Dropbox. I've put all of the Harmony project files onto our team flashdrive and sorted through them to place them in order. The majority of this week was spent compiling everything together. Although I have not yet uploaded any of the files online, I have been working on putting everyone's files together within the scenes. I have been sorting through all files, putting them in order, and exporting them. I found which parts of the scenes were missing and assigned roles to those who needed to fix them.

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