Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Design for Media: Final Project Proposal

So it's coming to the end of the semester, and it's time to start on my finals for pretty much all of my classes now. In Design for Media, our next project is a free reign project in which we are allowed to choose basically anything. So naturally, a lot of ideas came to mind. I've got myself with two main ideas, but I'm leaning a bit more towards the second idea, first prompt.

Idea #1: Animated Comic

I've always wanted to create an interactive comic using a combination of Flash and Photoshop. Basically what I would do is create all of the elements in Photoshop, while animating and putting everything together in Flash.

I got a lot of inspiration for this idea from 1000 W0RDS, a story on deviantART by yuumei. She created a comic using a combination of Paint tool Sai, Photoshop, and Flash. I loved the idea of how she would slightly animate or make the comic look as though it is moving to create great visual effects.

I created a couple of concepts for the type of style I was hoping for in this project:

I wanted to play around a lot with silhouettes and using a monochromatic palette. I pulled a whole lot inspiration from the style used in the video game, LIMBO.


Idea #2: Video Game Concepts

The next idea I came up with is to create the concepts and pre-production work for a video game. Depending on the time that I have, I may or may not begin actual creation of the game itself. Within this time frame, it will by no means be finished, but there is the possibility of at least creating an opening or beginning to the game itself. I have come up with two different ideas for video games that I could potentially create.

Prompt 1:

The first prompt is a game about a chatroom-styled website where people can talk to the dead. The protagonist of this game is a young boy by the name of Ralphie, whose dad is a detective. Ralphie comes across an unsolved case in his dad's old files. Through using the website, Ralphie attempts to solve his dad's unsolved case and find the true murderer behind the many unexplained deaths.

Prompt 2:

The second prompt is a game that takes place mostly in a dream world. This game provides with a balance between the real world and the dream world. Basically all of the events that occur in the real world during the daytime impact how the story progresses within the dream world. This game follows the storyline of a female college student. The beginning of the game involves the heroine through her life in the real world, as well as the life of her dream self in the dream world.


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