Monday, October 22, 2012

Starting into Animating

So this week we started animating for The Ugly Dinosaur Production. Since I am one of the general animators, I was assigned to do some of the roughs and went ahead and cleaned up part of it.



I animated the roughs for the Compsognathus in scene 1, and I animated the roughs for Doop in scene 3. I also did some clean-up work on Doop in scene 3, although that part is not completely finished.

Other than animating this week, I also have been updating the Dropbox account. Jinny also bought us a Team Flashdrive, which I keep and upload our project files onto as a back-up.

I have also been helping Hillary update the Youtube page. We've been updating all of the progress files into a playlist called WIP Animations.

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