Friday, August 17, 2012

Nearing the End

So one week from today I'll be moving back into my dorm at College. It's crazy how fast summer went by! I hoped to get a lot more done than I did, but hey, isn't that what happens every summer? I've been trying to work a lot more digitally as of recently so that I can get ready for all of my animation classes. Well I've only got one week left, so I'd might as well make the best of it!

"True Betrayal"
This was a re-drawing of one of my old pieces from 2010. My characters have gone through a lot of re-designing since then; my artistic talents have improved a lot since then.

"Time Fabric Island Sketches"
Concepts for the twins: Karse and Len. This was my first time really doing quick digital sketches, pretty much... at least in this kind of style.

"T-O-A-D Doodles"
A bunch of concept sketches for characters from my T-O-A-D World Eventure.

"Arcobaleno Infant Quicklings"
Some quick Reborn fanart of the Arcobaleno infants.

"Digital Gesture Doodles"
Just some gesture doodles I did when I really wasn't in a drawing mood. Lots of proportion issues here.

"Nays Sketchings"
A bunch of sketches, mostly from The Nays. I was re-designing characters and trying to draw in various styles here.

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