Friday, August 10, 2012

Busy, Busy, Busy!

I have been so busy lately that it's been hard to find enough time to do all this art I have planned for myself! I have a bunch of stuff planned to get done before I go back to school, but I've only got a couple of weeks to do it!

"Rotle: A Name Long Forgotten"
One of my favorite digital pieces so far. This is Rotle, or now known as R, leader of the R Nays.

"Mother's Love"
Some Mother 3 fanart I did of Klaus, Hinawa, and Lucas.

"Akuma Re-designs"
Recently I've been really in the mood for the part of The Nays where The Nays are in Beddy Bye World, the Land of the Clouds, and the Demon World. So I decided I wanted to re-design Akuma a bit, as well as the uniform that all of Death's elite warriors wear. I haven't decided which of these I'm actually going to use yet though.

"Planet Timer Faces"
Some more portraits I did for my game; these are Sorcerer, Guard, Veetoff, Det, and Nekae.

"007: Squirtle"
A quick digital piece of Squirtle that I did.

"Random Sketches"
Just a bunch of various sketches, some for digital pieces I plan on working on soon. So basically this sheet includes: Phantasy Star II sketches, sketches of my Pokemon Platinum team, some Akuma re-design ideas, and some sketches of Squall.

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