Thursday, July 26, 2012

Just Another Week

This week went by kind of fast, so I don't really have one really finished digital piece but oh well. It may look like there's not really all that much all together, but I guess it's because I've been compiling a bunch of my individual stuff into one bigger piece.

"End of the Line"
Just a quick digital sketch that I did without any references or sketching on paper first. This is Duo Maxwell from Gundam Wing.

"Worlds Portrait Collage"
A bunch of portraits of my characters from The Nays. I did these all in a span of about one or two days.

"Portrait Sketches and Stuff"
Just some more portraits. Also some quick sketches of some events in the War on PS World Eventure.

"Eventure Sketches 1"
This is a little summary of The Nays that I'm working on. I'm drawing out 6 panels per Eventure to serve as a summary of events and tell the story that way before I fully animate or draw a comic for it (if I ever do, that is).

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