Thursday, July 19, 2012

Finishing Stuff

So I've actually been finishing my sketches more often by going over them digitally/coloring them digitally. I'm getting back into my old self where I actually did multiple digital arts in one week. Plus I've been spending more time on my pieces and not rushing them.

"Making Memories"
Persona 4 fanart that I've been working on since I beat the game on Friday.

"P4 Sketches"
These are a bunch of Persona 4, Sakevisual, and Chaos;Head sketches I did. I finalized one of the Persona 4 sketches as you can see above. I hope to finalize a Chaos;Head drawing sometime soon. I also finalized one of the Sakevisual ones below (the Kansei one).

"Powers to Relive the Murders"
Fanart of Sakevisual's Kansei, an indie visual novel game.

"Happier Days"
A cartoon version of myself.

"Sketches of Me"
These are just some quick cartoon sketches I did of myself. I finalized one of them into the picture above.

"Planet Timer Afterwards Finished Portraits"
These are some finished portraits for the game that I currently working on, Planet Timer Afterwards. So these are Ted, Gair, Weisube, and Muyo.

"Planet Timer Afterwards Portrait Sketches"
These are a bunch of sketches of portraits that I plan to go over digitally sometime soon. Some of them are finished as you can see above.

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