Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Mecha Practice

So recently I've been drawing a lot of mechas to get practice. Since that's one of my weakest points, I'm trying to improve so I can actually draw them. ^^; I've been getting inspired by having Gundam Wing on in the background every night while I sketch. Plus I've been looking to Mega Man and Live A Live a little bit for inspiration on this as well.

 "Buriki Daioh: Here I Am!"
Some more practice with mechas, but this time it's an actual finished fully colored digital piece. I've been meaning to do some Live A Live fanart for awhile, but I never got around to it until now. I also was experimenting with different brushes to create different textures. That shows the most on Buriki Daioh. In actuality, Akira should be a bit smaller, but I wanted him to be visible in the picture instead of showing his real size in comparison to Buriki Daioh.

"Buriki Daioh Sketch"
Sketch of the above finished piece.

"Fanart Sketches"
Just wanted to do some fanart that wasn't all completely mechas. I mean Cube from Live A Live did sneak in there, but he's more of just a little robot. Then I've got Minato and Kushina from Shippuuden and then there's Trowa and Heero from Gundam Wing.

"The M Six Main Nays"
I decided to draw my six main characters of The Nays in a line to compare heights from the beginning. So this is Gair, Pubby, Ralphie, Zandra, Scott, and Grenna.

"Gundam Wing Sketches"
Just some Gundam Wing sketches.

"Super Fighting Robots"
Some practice drawing from Mega Man and Gundam Wing as a reference.

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