Tuesday, April 10, 2012


So I don't have all that much of an update this week since I've been so busy worrying about scheduling for next semester. Although I didn't get into Animation I, I still got almost all of the classes that I wanted, so it went pretty well. They might be opening up another Animation I class anyway so hopefully I'll be able to still get in for the semester. I've been working a lot on my rotoscope animation for my Experimental Animation class as well, which has also been keeping me from drawing anything else besides that.

"Master Drawing in Progress"
This is my master drawing that I am working on for my drawing class. It is a replication of 'Study for Adam' by Raphael Sanzio. It is not finished, but here is what I have so far.

"Master Drawing Rough draft"
Just the rough draft of my master drawing. I did this in about one class period, so it is very rough and unfinished. 

"Google SketchUp Practices"
My first time using Google SketchUp. This is just a basic structure that I created while experimenting and using all of the different tools.

"Figure Under Painting in Progress"
Just more progress on my first full body painting.

"Lonny Blue and Ventanna Bureu Concept Art"
Quick character concepts for Lonny Blue, leader of the Dusty Dimes, and Ventanna Bureu, a bounty hunter and member of the Dusty Dimes. Just some concept art for my rotoscoping animation.

"Yaro Digby and Dusk Ikazu Concept Art"
Some more character concepts for my rotoscope animation. These are the two leaders of the Bleeding Libras.

"Mr Marcus Concept Art"
Concept for my rotoscope of Mr Marcus, leader of a World and member of the Dusty Dimes.

"Allan Concept Art"
Concept of Allan, a member of the Dusty Dimes, and student of Mr Marcus.

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