Saturday, April 14, 2012

Draw, Draw, Draw!

I've been trying to draw more outside of class recently, so here is what I've done over the week.

"Panera Gestures"
My friends and I went to Panera the other day to sketch some gestures of the people there.

"Master Drawing"
This is the master drawing that I did for my drawing class. It is a replication of 'Study for Adam' by Raphael Sanzio. I did this using conte and used a similar line style.

"Brutus Concept"
Brutus is one of the most irresponsible Bird-In-Trainings. He is of the lowest rank of Bird-In-Trainings, and is not very good at controlling his kids. Brutus has absolutely no self-confidence and always does what he is told whenever given the opportunity. He is easily tricked and often gets lost.

"Chet Concept"
Chet is a very stealthy creature who works with the black market.  He is very sneaky and will often twist people's words to their disadvantage. He is not a very trustworthy creature.

"Cimcicola Suhc Concept"
Cimcicola is the very moody brother of Cimc. He is very often angry, and is only friendly around his friends. He enjoys jokingly mocking his brother and does not enjoy being with his family very much.

"Pun Timion Poongie Concept"
Pun is very energetic and enjoys to sing and dance. He is one of the followers who does not have leadership abilities at all. He usually will not express his opinion, but instead agree with whatever his friends have to say.

"Chico Etre Concept"
Chico is a lively creature who enjoys stealing. She is an expert at escaping from jail and very sneaky. Although usually outgoing, she can be quite shy when she is around Rico, the dog that she loves.

"Yoi Suhc Concept"
Yoi is the young cousin of Cimc who is very lively. He always has too much energy and is constantly running around.  He loves hanging out with Cimc and his friends, because it makes him feel cool and more grown up.

"Mr Cimc Suhc Concept"
Mr Cimc is a concerned father of Cimc and Cimcicola. He is a master liar, and one of the strongest ones of Lie City. He is very passionate and determined to help his sons no matter what. He is usually a very calm and cheerful man, but if one of his loved ones is in trouble, his anger will surge and he can be quite scary. Mr Cimc is always there to help, and loves to cook.

"Bluebreath Eltrut Concept"
Bluebreath is a very outgoing creature. His close friendship with Cimc causes him to have a great relationship with his family. He likes to talk a lot, and is very good at lying. He has a sly ability to twist peoples' words against them, which he is very proud of.

"Lee Concept"
Lee is a very outgoing young boy who loves to play basket ball. Lee dreams of becoming a pro-basket ball player in the future, and is always practicing. He has become pretty good friends with Knuckles and Knux Jr. Lee is very hard to understand and will often become excited and make strange noises.

"Kai Superve Concept"
Kai likes to talk to many people, even if they do not particularly like him, he will still come up with conversation. He uses his black magic to get through almost any situation, and can easily befriend any black mage. He can easily become offended by comments said by others, which is one of his disadvantages. 

"Quick Charcoal Figure"
This is a quick charcoal drawing that I did during one class period. It's still really sketching and I wasn't able to blend the charcoal very well yet.

"Figure Painting in Progress"
A continuation of the first full figure painting that I have been working on.

"First Colored Pencil Practice"
This is my first time using colored pencil in a realistic drawing. I was using a lot of blending and it  was actually pretty fun to work with.

"Depleting Health"
This is a photo-manipulation where I changed the colors from my non-traditional canvas project for painting. It is meant to have an opposite message, of death and sadness.

"Growth of Calcium"
This is a project I did where I painted on a milk carton. This project is meant to represent growth.

"First Puppet Animations"
This was my first time animating using the puppet animation method. I drew the puppet parts in Photoshop, and animated it in After Effects. This is my OC, Squidwik.

Just another doodle that I did during one of my classes.

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