Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Busy Week

I've had a lot of homework recently, so that's why this is such a late post.

"Water's Not the Only One"
*ABOVE IS ONLY A PREVIEW IMAGE. Click here to view the actual animation.*
This is an animation that I did for a project in my design class. We basically had to research a topic from a list, and create a project relating to our major and the research. So I chose to make an animated short about water quality and the purification process of water, since I chose to research water quality. This animation is not only about simply purifying water and saving the planet, it also includes the theme of friendship. The message is within the title of the animation: Water’s Not the Only One. If a person becomes corrupt, isolated, or changes for the worst, there is always a chance that they can be changed back to who they used to be, or that they can just become a new person by starting over again. No matter what, friends will help each other to overcome the obstacles in life, and they will always stick together no matter what. 

"Experimental Rough Animatic"
*ABOVE IS ONLY A PREVIEW IMAGE. Click here to view the actual animation.*
This is just a rough animatic that I created for my Experimental Animation final. I meant to make it longer, but I ran out of time before the first check-in due date. I've got a lot more planned for it, but here it is so far. Right now, it's basically just a really rough rotoscoping of a video.  

"Contrasted Charcoal"
One of my first charcoal pieces that I've actually been satisfied with. I was drawing on toned paper, and was able to do a lot more with contrast in this piece. I still could have blended it a little bit more, but this is what I had time for in class.

"First Painted Portrait"
This was one of the first portraits I painted in painting class. It could have been a lot better if I had the time to finish painting it, but it was basically just a quick study we did over two class periods.

"First Painted Portrait Under-painting"
This was my first time ever doing an under-painting for a painting, and I realized that it really helps. For some reason, I kind of liked the under-painting better than the finished portrait.

"First Full Body Under-painting"
This is the under-painting of the current painting that I'm working on. It's just really rough and no where near being finished though.

"Art History Doodles"
These are just some doodles that I did in art history awhile back. I didn't take a picture of it until now though.