Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Slowly Getting Back to Digital Art

"When the City Sleeps"
This was my first time doing an actual drawing straight in Flash, not for an animation. Since I had seen a bunch of my friends using Flash to draw, I figured I'd try it out... and to my surprise... I actually thought it was pretty fun to use. Especially for the background. I decided to try and re-design Scott a bit, mostly changing his hairstyle. Also, I was trying to draw in a more cartoony semi-realistic style to try and get out of the habit of drawing anime styled. I got a lot of inspiration from my friend Hillary's style. And as for the background... I got a lot of inspiration from the backgrounds in Hey Arnold

"Bloods Ragger Re-Design"
So I decided to do a quick drawing of Bloods. This was also one of my first times doing a drawing directly in Flash. I didn't really like how Bloods' overall shape came out, so I might still need to do some tweaking on him. I wasn't sure if the background in this was too distracting or not, but I wanted to keep it simple.

"Looking in Your Eyes Sketch"
This is the first sketch for a commission that I am working on.

"Snull Lenso Refs"
This may not be the final concept for Snull, but this is what I have so far. Snull is a very outgoing young demon who stays by Ralphie's side and calls him "Rafie." Her past is very unknown, but from how she acts, it is quite apparent that she did not like her life back in the Demon World. Snull's unusual voice and her strong attraction to Ralphie causes Gair and JrTr to make fun of her often. So she will mostly stay by Ralphie's side, or talk to her new-founded friend, Abaw.

"Crosshatched Figure"
This was one of my first times doing a multiple day drawing this semester. I was dealing with a lot of crosshatching and line quality in this piece. I still feel like I could've worked on the proportions a bit more, as well as adding more contrast, but this was all the time that we were given to work on this piece.

"Gestures Sketchbook Practice"
Just some gesture drawings that I did while watching Soul Eater a couple of days ago.

"The Grandpa Who Talks Like This Concept"
The Grandpa Who Talks Like This, often known as The Grandpa, is always watching over his grandson, TGWTLT, and is very kind to his family. Although, when he is in a bad mood, he can cause storms to whole Worlds and cause very much destruction. He has never had a confrontation with The Nays themselves, but he knows almost everything about them because he watches them and hears from his son.

"Chuckie Concept"
Chuckie is a very happy young child that only appeared in the beginning of The Nays. He very insecure when left alone, so he will always be seen with his small group of friends. There are some spoilers about him that shall not be told yet though.
"Pidgebeetle Concept"
Pidgebeetle is one of the Bird-In-Trainings of Tag World. He watches over the M Nays when they visit Tag World, although they do not particularly like him. Pidgebeetle is usually very happy and likes to treat The Nays as if they are his own children who live in Tag World. He always thinks up games or events for The Nays to play, and some of them are usually not events that The Nays particularly want to do. Whenever he has a chance to, he will bring The Nays to Tag World, and keep them from going to their real homes. Pidgebeetle is usually very outgoing and happy.

"Kovu Concept"
Kovu is a very kindhearted bird that leads Tag World. In his years taken over by TGWTLT, he felt very powerless and was mad at himself for allowing such a being to control his World for such a long period of time. Once Kovu is back in control of his World, he takes away the strict rules of Tag World so that The Nays and citizens of his World can live there without fear of being attacked or captured by the Higher Up Birds.

"Doesa Concept"
Doesa is a bird who is the kindest of the Higher Up Birds. Although, he is easily tricked and very naive. Doesa is very strict on following orders and is usually not the one to speak out against them. Doesa is more of a follower, but once he is put in charge of the Higher Up Birds, he slowly obtains leadership abilities and gains more self-confidence as well. 

"Pheno Concept"
Pheno is a phoenix who usually follows rules very obediently unless he finds them unjust. Without knowledge that TGWTLT was actually in charge of Tag World, this Higher Up Bird would enforce Tag World's laws and always be the follower of Arctic. Pheno had always been known to be the nicer of the two, but Arctic was always in control because of his forceful attitude. After gaining the knowledge of TGWTLT's control over Tag World, Pheno started to rebel against Arctic and TGWTLT in order to win back the reign of his old kindhearted leader. Pheno will do just about anything to obtain justice, and even gives up his life for the cause.

"Arctic Concept"
Arctic is a very strict bird, and was the Highest Up Bird. He often gets into bad moods and will become very controlling when he is angry, wanting everything to go his way exactly. Arctic can get into bad moods from very little things, and he will stay in a bad mood for long periods of time. He has a strong hatred for Hawkin, Pidgebeetle, Gyro, and their Nays, as he does not like to tolerate them. Arctic is very obedient to TGWTLT and will follow his every command no matter what. He enjoys a very controlling environment and is very power-hungry. Arctic does not fight in a fair way, and will usually use hostages just so that he can win the battle.  

"Jennie Hamilton Concept"
Jennie is a girl who is very shy around anyone who she is not friends with. She can usually talk her mind out freely with her friends, and enjoys being in their company. Although, she is sometimes quite nervous around Scott because of her attraction to him. Jennie is quick to defend herself and will stand up for her beliefs firmly.

"Cin Jarc Concept"
Cin is a smart kid who loves being outside. He loves birds and the freedom they have, which is why he commonly will allow his pet bird to fly off on his own. He stays close with his friends usually and loves hiking or camping outside with them.