Monday, March 5, 2012

Slightly Late Updates

I've been pretty busy lately but this is kind of a small update.

 "Midterm Experimentations"
ABOVE IS ONLY A PREVIEW IMAGE. Click here to view actual animation.
This was just some experimentation that I did as sketches or tests for my midterm. I was mostly inspired by the Persona 3 Portable Opening for the first part of this animation. Persona 1, Persona 3, and Persona 4 also gave me a lot of inspiration.

"Random Thought Process"
I was trying to think up random objects and such just so that I could think up ideas for a random experimental animation. I just drew out all of the objects that I thought of.

"Movement Studies"
Just some gesture drawings that I did to examine movement and figure out how people would move if they were in these poses.

"Bezold Effect"
A digital creation I did using the optical illusion technique known as the Bezold Effect.

"Trabe Concepts"
This is my character, Trabe Burger. He has telekinetic powers and is one of the strongest members of Biggert City.

"First Portrait Study"
This was my first time doing a portrait study in drawing class. There are many proportion issues, but I'm still working on learning how to draw portraits.

"Reflective Spectrum"
An oil painting that I did for class. We were working with reflective surfaces and shiny objects.

"Seated Contour"
This was my first contour drawing in Drawing class. I tried to experiment a lot with line quality on this drawing.

"Outlined Figure"
Just drawing the outline of the figure using charcoal.

"Skin Painting Practice"
This was just some practices I did with mixing oils to make different skin tones.

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