Sunday, February 19, 2012

Updates, Updates!

"Artificial Light Tower"
This is a tower of objects I painted using artificial lighting. The light source is from the desk lamp that sits in the still life. This might still be a preliminary painting, but this is as far as I got with it so far. I had some difficulties with getting used to acrylics again after using oils for my most recent painting.

"Leg Surface, Bones, and Muscles"
While referencing a model, we drew his leg three times. I drew the surface, bones, and muscles.

"Cross Contour Sketches"
These are some cross contour sketches that I did in drawing class.

"Eather Sketches"
Here's a couple of quick drawings I did of Eather without any references or anything. I was trying to capture flowing movements with these.

"Hands Sketch Book"
We had an assignment in Drawing to do the surface, bones, and muscles of hands.

"Gestures Sketch Book"
These are just some quick gestures that I did of people out in the lobby.

"Grenna Saosin Concepts"
Grenna is a serious boy who enjoys training. He is very close with his friends, and looks up to his cousin Altair. He becomes upset very easily, especially when someone is trying to make fun of him. He can become scared quite easily as well, and is frightened by any kinds of ghosts or spooky presences.

"Johnny Tsukufawara Concepts"
Johnny used to be a very serious child when he was little, but once he became older, he was much more cheerful. Currently, Johnny is always friendly and very social. He is easily attracted to girls, and will try to flirt with them. Johnny gets excited easily and loves being hyperactive, especially with his friends.

"Aloysus the Newspaper Project"
This is a project that I did for Design class using rolled up newspapers. It had to be about as tall as me, but it ended up collapsing a little. There were many different interpretations about what it looks like, but I kind of liked the idea that it has a bunch of little legs. After I turned in my project, I brought it back to the lobby and named it Aloysus. He is a new member of our group.

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