Sunday, February 26, 2012

Lots of School Work

  "Leg Muscle Overlays"
We had to draw the leg of the skeleton's muscles from all sides and label all of the muscles.

"Arm Muscle Overlays"
 We had to draw the arm of the skeleton's muscles from all sides and label all of the muscles.

 "Skeletal System Muscle Overlays"
 We had to draw the top portion of the skeleton's muscles from all sides and label all of the muscles.

 "Elftair Saosin Concepts"
 Elftair is very serious and is very passionate about training. He will do almost anything to become stronger, and is seen training very often. He can become irritated with foolishness very easily and does not hesitate to take action against those who annoy him. He is very obedient to Altair and the other higher-ups of Outlaw Bar, and will listen to them no matter what.

 "RoaR CrY Concepts"
RoaR is a boy who does not trust anyone, even those who are close to him, because of a traumatic experience early in his life. Whenever he believes he is becoming too good of friends with someone, he will murder them, but his latest friend, Punchy, escaped him. RoaR's goal has been to pursue Punchy and kill him to keep up his tradition. RoaR is very strict on obeying orders, and will urge everyone not to disobey his orders. RoaR has died many times, but every time he dies, he is somehow brought back to life.

 "Mikey Concepts"
 Mikey is a weird boy who longs to make friends. He is an orphan who only lives with other animals who cannot talk. Mikey became friends with Gojo when he first moved to North Harbor, but when reuniting with him later, Gojo was very cold to him, which broke his heart. Mikey always tries to befriend Gojo and is completely obsessed with him, even though Gojo always beats him up. In Mikey's free time, he either cries or uses Big Magic.

 "Refinto Furukizu Concepts"
 Refinto is very much the quiet type. The only two friends he really has are Ralphie and Ted, but he will suggest ideas on where to go in adventures he is on with the rest of The Nays. He comes from a Dojo in which The Nays saved on a mission; therefore being the reason that he joined The Nays on their adventures. After he was killed, Refinto was tricked into signing a contract with Neen saying that he will work for him and follow his orders no matter what. Refinto has turned into a slave of Neen, and follows his every command.

"Corana Concepts"
 She was one of the antagonists from The Nays. I do not have all that much information about her, except that she is Tomocumber's mother.

 "Lupita Burger Concepts"
Lupita is the strongest creature in Biggert City, and second in charge of The Big Kids. He is close friends with Chiz, therefore one of the most intimidating creatures of Biggert City. After he was trained by his new teacher, Lupita became much more mature and much stronger.

 "Kicky Blue Concepts"
 Kicky is a very outgoing boy who loves to imitate others. His interests all revolve around his hero, Scott. Before he knew Scott, Kicky copied off of his brother Punchy's personality. Kicky does not really have much of his own opinion, and often relies on others to decide for him. Kicky is very mean to people that he does not like and usually ends up talking really loudly when he is upset.

"Muto Psy Concepts"
Muto is one of the strongest creatures in Biggert City, and a member of The Big Kids. Muto is almost always seen hanging around with his cousin Trabe. He is a serious creature who will beat up anyone who gets in his way.

 "Mu and D.Mu Psy Concepts"
Mu is one of the nicest creatures from Biggert City. D.Mu is his brother who used to be a very nice creature, but he later became a very cruel creature.

"Yaguzi Anger Sketch"
This was a quick sketch I did of my character, Yaguzi. It was just a scene that popped into my head when I was listening to music a couple of days ago.

"First Charcoal"
This was my first time rendering a model using charcoal. We had two class days to work on this.

"Natural Light Tower"
This is a tower of objects I painted using natural lighting. The light source is from the desk lamp that sits in the still life. This might still be a preliminary painting, but this is as far as I got with it so far. I had some difficulties with getting used to acrylics again after using oils for my most recent painting.

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  1. I love that you include your anatomy drawings on here, anatomy is very important for an artist to know, especially if they are going to draw stylized too, knowing real anatomy can benefit you when you draw stylized anatomy!