Monday, February 13, 2012

Late Weekly Update

I've been keeping myself pretty busy lately, so my weekly update is a little later than usual.

 "Night of Isolation"
I got really inspired to do a digital painting after the demo/tutorial that Wes Talbott did for us at Animation Club. It was amazing and taught me a bunch of new tips. I really feel like using a square brush makes things a lot easier and it turns out better, so I'm glad he told us about that. This is my OC, Arianna Digby. I slightly re-designed her clothes, but only a bit. This is a bit of a different depiction of her though. Even though Arianna's the left out one that is always too nervous to talk to anyone, I feel like it's more of a comedy aspect. Since I've been kind of down recently, I decided to just make this piece kind of reflect that. But it's funny, because after I made this piece, all of the sadness just went away and it made me feel happier.

 "Shiny Realism"
This was a project in painting where we had to paint two of the same painting; one pointillism and the other realism. I painted this like a week ago in my painting class. I ended up only painting this in one day though since I spent so much time on the pointillism one, but I feel like this one still came out better.

 "Shiny Pointillism"
This was a project in painting where we had to paint two of the same painting; one pointillism and the other realism. Personally, I feel like my pointillism piece didn't come out all that great, but I ended up spending the most time on this one.

"Arm Muscles and Bones"
While referencing a model, we drew her arm three times (although I drew it four times since I messed up on the third one). I drew the surface, bones, and muscles. I accidentally drew the bottom muscles on the third one, so I started to draw a fourth one with the right muscles being shown.

"Bone Legs"
We had to draw legs of all sides and label all of the bones.

"Bone Arms"
We had to draw arms of all sides and label all of the bones.

"Gesture Drawings 05"
Just some more quick gesture drawings.

"Going Up?"
This was my first piece using Painter Tool Sai. I just wanted to experiment and see how I liked using it, but my pen pressure stopped working mid-way so I didn't exactly get a good chance to judge it. From what I saw though, I was a bit confused and preferred Photoshop over Sai.

"Gestures Practice"
Just some more gesture practice that I did on my own time.

 "Gestures, Hands, and Cat Practice"
This was just some gesture practice that I did a bit ago. I was trying to practice my drawing skills, and experimenting holding my pencil differently.

"Loyal Follower"
This is just a quick digital sketch that I did over the weekend. I was going to make it into a full digital painting, but I didn't like how it was coming out so I just stopped. But this is Heri Cots Vert, kind of a slight re-design of him.

"Transparency Space"
This is just an exercise that I did for my painting class.

"Glenda Concept"
Glenda is a very old woman who owns a bath house. She goes to bed very early and if waken up, she can become quite cranky. Glenda does not tolerate any goofing around and is very strict. She is often found yelling at children and becomes annoyed very easily. It is quite rare that she is friendly or welcoming to guests of her bathhouse.

"Uther Animal Concept"
Uther Animal is very outgoing and enjoys watching spoilers. He is a very curious young raccoon who is always aware of his surroundings. He likes to sing and is the leader of his band, The Sp00kz. Uther Animal likes shouting out and carries a gun with no bullets around with him, "breathing clearly" with it.

 "Z Concept"
Z is one of the most powerful creatures in all of The Worlds. He The Guy Who Talks Like This' master and has great power over him. If something does not go the way that Z has planned, he "fixes" it and destroys anything in his path. He has a grudge against The Nays and will do just about anything to destroy them all. Z always has a very calm front and is very confident in his powerful abilities.

"Yana Concept"
This is one of the original characters, Yana. She is one of the antagonists, but I don't have all that much information about her yet.

"Jim Pigger Refs"
Pigger is very overprotective of the orphans and will always be guarding them and deciding what they can and cannot view. He acts as a very strong parent figure to the orphans and always knows their whereabouts. He used to be a very silly and carefree young man, but over the years he has come to be very strict and stern, but still very caring and gentle towards the orphans.

"Wire Gunblade"
I meant to upload this on my last blog since I finished it last week. This is a wire piece that I did of a miniature Gunblade figure, from Final Fantasy VIII.

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