Friday, January 20, 2012

Two Day Update

I wasn't able to get around to uploading anything yesterday, even though I did draw some stuff. So today I'm deciding to just upload everything from today and yesterday.

"Matoko Trenchu Concept"
These are the concept designs for one of my somewhat main characters in The Nays. His name is Matoko Trenchu. He is usually cold to people, and tends to blame his problems on Trekkon, his cousin. Ever since his aunt died, he has hated Trekkon, blaming her death on him; and when Trekkon joined the Field Ravens, and fell in love with Rasake, it made him hate him even more. Matoko is a very vengeful person, and keeps Rasake to himself, and will protect her at any cost. He also hates Gair because he fell in love with Rasake, and she returned his love. Matoko will usually not be happy, unless he is with only Rasake.

"Mahisa After Prison Concept"
This is a concept sketch of how Mahesa, or Mr Dude, looks after his time in prison. This is about the time when he is released or possibly even the beginning stages, since he is wearing his normal World Leader clothes.

"Oblo Concept"
Oblo is another new character recently introduced in The Nays. He is a very minor character who only says a couple of lines. But he is basically just one of the moderators for the PSChat, a hangout lounge in PS World.

"Icklu Concept"
This is a character that I recently created for The Nays. He is one of the Mr Dude World Officials that works under Ginko. He basically is just another one of the White Cloaked Men. He is a pretty minor character at this point, as well.

"Let's Think Up a Plan Color Draft"
This is still in the works of being made, and is not yet done. I haven't finished up the coloring yet, and I might need to go back and fix up a few things.
 "Skeleton Progress"
This is the beginning stages of my first detailed skeleton drawing. This is basically just the sketch, but within the next few days I will have the fully inked piece done.

"Optical Illusion Practice Design"
This is just a first practice design dealing with optical illusions. The top one is the initial image, while the bottom is the after image.

"Optical Illusion Practice"
This is just a quick practice I did in painting dealing with optical illusions.

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