Monday, January 9, 2012


I actually drew those first two last night, but didn't get around to uploading them until now... But all of these pictures are my re-designing of old characters.

 "Larry Handu Reference Form"
Here is an old character from The Nays that I never got around to creating a good design for. His name is Larry Handu, but he is commonly just called L.Handu. He is a very shy boy who enjoys studying. He does not talk very often and he is scared of almost everything. He will only speak his mind to his closest friends like Ches, Gair, and Coy. He has practically no self-confidence and always relies on others.

"Sonia, Nifitann, and Andrea Concepts" 
Here are three more new characters that were made up awhile ago, but they were never actually drawn or made an appearance in The Worlds. Sonia is the woman on the left, who is in charge of the PS Chat. And then Nifitann is riding on Andrea on the right. Nifitann has the ability to shoot out lasers with her laser gun (which is not pictured in this concept). And Andrea is a flying chair that can talk. Nifitann always rides on her.

"Tifin and The Mother Concepts"
So here are two new characters that I actually made up the idea for many years ago. I never actually got around to drawing them until now. On the left is Tifin, a seductive woman. And on the right is The Mother Who Talks Like this, who just so happens to be Tifin's true form.

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