Thursday, January 19, 2012

First in-class Animation

So today was an exciting day, since I had my first animation class, Experimental Animation. It looks like it's gonna be a really fun class, and I can't wait to learn all the things~

"Save Concepts"
Just another re-design of one of my characters from The Worlds. I haven't thought up a new name for her yet, but at one point she says that her nickname is Save.

"Cat into Dinosaur"
So this was my first official animation I made in Experimental Animation. I literally only spent about ten minutes on this, which explains why it's so simple and not very well drawn. I was just playing around with Plastic Animation Paper, since I had never used the program before. It still has kind of the concept for my first project though. Our first project is to make a Post-it Note animation, and this is my concept idea for mine. If for some reason my animation does not play when you click on it, you can view it here.

"First Skeleton"
I meant to upload this yesterday since that's when I actually drew it, but I didn't get around to it until now. This is my first time drawing the whole skeleton. It's also the first drawing that I did in drawing class this semester. I basically just focused on placing everything in the right positions, and didn't even bother with line quality here.

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