Saturday, January 7, 2012

Finally Back to Digital Art!

So lately I've been drawing only traditional art, but I finally spent basically all day drawing a digital picture~
"Test of Willpower"
My first digital artwork in awhile~ It did take a lot longer than my traditional pieces, but overall I definitely think it came out better in most aspects. These three characters are my brother's characters in The Worlds

This is a scene from one of the parts that he recently made up. This scene is one filled with suspense. To summarize: basically a couple of the protagonists are forced into a situation in which three of them must volunteer to drink from glasses which could be filled with poison. The three that end up drinking the glasses are illustrated here: Trunks, Megumi, and AppleCider.

"Test of Willpower" [Sketch]
This is just the sketch of the above picture.

"Darkitu Concept"
Darkitu is a character that I actually created a really long time ago. He never actually appeared in The Worlds, he only appeared in a spin-off story I made in RPGmaker. But now I've decided that Darkitu is going to make his first appearance in the Preparing Eventure (which happens to be the next part that I will be working on soon). Oh and I actually ended up drawing this last night, but didn't get around to uploading then.

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