Friday, July 13, 2018

Characters from The Nays Exam

I've been writing a new Eventure about Amelia and some others taking The Nays Exam, and with it, I created some new characters. So I had to draw the new ones!

Uma is an angry young demon who keeps to herself for the most part. She grew up alone for the most part and took on her mother's maiden name in revolt against her father. Uma has a hatred for her older sister Kali and rarely even keeps in contact with her. She has an on-going one-sided rivalry with her sister. Uma was raised solely by her mother until her death, which is the reason Uma has been mostly on her own ever since. Upon hearing that Kali became a Nay, she wanted to take the same challenge, in hopes of passing up her sister, once again.

Carly is an enthusiastic travel agent who loves creating maps in her free time. She loves to travel explore new places. Carly takes The Nays Exam because she wants to document unexplored areas throughout The Worlds, and she thinks she can help improve travel for The Nays. Her brother Zesty is the one who recommended the idea to her, so she feels very confident in her ability to become a Nay.

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