Wednesday, February 28, 2018

More Nay Portraits!

I was updating The Nays website recently and realized these two didn't really have updated drawings, so I decided to sketch them!

I don't have many drawings of Ann, so here's a quick portrait I did of her!

I draw Megumi a lot, but I didn't have any drawings that I was super satisfied with her facial proportions on, so here's a sketch of her! I also tried playing around with making her flower headband accessory look more like a flower.

Monday, February 26, 2018

Finished Dream Drawings

These are some drawings that I spent a bit more time on and actually finished up. It's been fun to actually spend more time on drawings other than my dedicated Concept Sundays.

The other night I had a dream where every time Shaw's hair got wet, it would grow. And I know he looked in the mirror at one point when he realized it was happening.

This was another dream I had the other night. There was some intense moment where a World was getting flooded and The Nays had to retreat on a linkship. Then Grenna had to fight off these water monsters that were trying to invade the ship. He couldn't do it on his own, so he asked for Shaw's help, but Shaw was acting weird for some reason.

Saturday, February 24, 2018

More Positivity!

Here are some more drawings from my project about positivity! 

“Make a list of good things people have said instead of torturing yourself with the negative thoughts. Compliments are stronger than all of that self-doubt, based on assumptions.”

“If you can laugh about stupid things and act weird without feeling embarrassed, it probably means you’re in the right place.” 

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Updates to The Nays Comic!

I decided to go back and update the pages I've finished of The Nays comic since I wanted to change the format from the comic strips to comic pages. I feel like this is a lot more fitting and lets me control the panels a lot more. I've been reading a lot of comics recently, so I got inspired to go to the page style.

I also added a few panels in between to provide a better sense of space!

And in addition, I recently created a website for the comic so you can check out new updates here when they do happen!

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

More Lunch Doodle Nays

Some recent sketches I did during lunch breaks!

Thinking up some ideas for redoing old Eventures. And this involves Tomocumber and how he looks when he comes back after a long absence. I actually ended up writing this part last night!

I've been considering bringing back an old story/game idea where The Nays went on missions and called themselves the "Slanktin Fighters." It's actually the series that helped me re-design a lot of The Nays. Ted is the one I found that looked most different from his current self, but still not far off.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Nays Portraits

I've been enjoying drawing portraits of some of my main characters that I haven't really drawn in a long time.

This is Pamchan!

I actually take back what I said about Xing being the hardest character to draw. I think Jennie is harder for me, for some reason. Maybe it's her proportions, I dunno.

Friday, February 16, 2018

47 Days of Positivity

From now until the end of March I'm going to be doing what I'm calling 47 Days of Positivity (including today and 4/1 - not an April Fool's Day joke, just happens to be that day!). 

Sometimes we might get overwhelmed by negativity on the internet, so I want to dedicate a project to positivity to counter that. Each day I'll be posting something positive, whether it's advice, uplifting words, or just general positive thoughts. Sometimes they might even just be random thoughts involving positive or fun moments from my life. The content will vary, so it'll just be whatever comes to mind for the day!

Until a few years ago, I was stuck with a lot of negative thoughts and environments, so it wasn't until I learned how to turn those into positive situations that things started looking up. I haven't shared this with a whole lot of people, but I think it's important to know that I come from a fairly negative background, so that's why I think spreading positivity is super important. I don't like to see people stuck like how I used to be, so I hope I can brighten someone's day with this little project!

The first drawing to introduce the project!

“People have their bad days, so it’s not right to judge their entire well-being on one experience. Giving someone a second chance can mean a lot.”

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Chasing the Bootleggers in the Lakewood Library

This week's Concept Sunday drawing takes place during the Lakewood Library Eventure when Elfno and the rest of The Nays are chasing after the bootleggers. When my brother was reading this part, I envisioned a really cool shot, so I decided to do an illustration of it!

This is the part that he wrote for the Eventure:
<Chozu> Ew, the other two are getting away though!
<Elfno> Yes! Towards the pop-up book section!
* Elfno leads the others into the children's area. One of the tao faces stops for a moment to throw a bunch of stuffed animals at The Nays.
* Elfno whips out his sword and slices through a stuffed bear, causing fur and cotton to fly in every direction. 

Here's the final illustration!

I also decided to do a quick animated version by moving the illustration elements around.

This is a gif showcasing my process.

And here's the process in image progression form:
The initial sketch to figure out the composition.

I cleaned up the line art for Elfno and the background.

I cleaned up the line art for the bear and stuffing.

I added some base colors.

I added shading to all of the elements.

I blurred some elements and added some action lines to indicate motion.

And the final version, where I lightened and blurred the action lines a bit.

Monday, February 12, 2018

Worlds Progression Project Continued!

Here's a continuation of an old project I started a year ago from tomorrow!

I didn't entirely finish up the Cipo Eventure clothes, but I got about halfway through. I ended up reusing some of the old clothes designs since I liked how they came out and wanted him to wear them again. I also had a lot of fun designing new clothes! I'm getting so close to the times when he had his PS World clothes that I always draw him in, so he'll probably have a bunch of variations on that one once they're in PS World for longer.

Here's part two that I just finished.

And then this was the one I did last year.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Summer The New Nay!

Here are some new drawings of the newest Nay, Summer!

This started out as a sketch, but I got a little carried away and ended up finishing it. I finally got to hear my brother's part of the Aiml World Eventure, and so I met Summer. I really like her so far, so I decided to do a drawing of her!

Summer is the one who ignites Spicco's love for UhTube, the video streaming service in The Worlds. These two become friends at the end of the Aiml World Eventure and Summer calls him her apprentice, since she's already internet famous.

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Gair Vs. Veetoff Dream

One night the other week, I had a dream that Gair and Veetoff flew into each other like the beginning of the fights in DBFighterZ, so I made this illustration based on it! I decided to spend a bit more time on this one to make up for missing a Concept Sunday to participate in the Global Game Jam. I'm going to count it as a Concept Sunday drawing even though it wasn't on a Sunday.

Here's the final drawing!

Since it was an action scene, I decided to animated it a bit as well.

Here's a gif of the process.

And the process explained:

It started with the basic sketch.

Then I cleaned up the lines.

I decided the action lines were a bit too distracting, so I took them out.

I added the basic colors.

Then I created a background to indicate the impact.

I rendered in the shadows.

Then I added some color to the lines.

I blurred out the background to make it feel like it was in motion more. I also added some blur on the characters.

I adjusted the blurs so that their faces and hands were in focus.

I added in the action lines, but this time I made them white, blurred, and transparent, so that they don't take away from the illustration. I also moved Gair's position back a bit.

And for the final, I overlayed some darks and lights!

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Nay Dreams

Based on some recent dreams I've had!

I'm not sure who this is, but she was in my dream one night and might have been a new bird-in-training. I just know that she was gauging how powerful attacks were around the same time that Arctic had mysterious rainbow powers.

I had a dream that involved Gair drinking coffee, so here's a doodle of it!

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Tag World Nay-A-Day Characters

I decided to design and re-design some minor characters!

Fleeya is a powerful wrestler who is one of Winged Baby's nays. She loves to fight and hates to admit defeat. She trains hard every day, and is very pleased to work with Winged Baby in Tag World because of his gruesome training methods. Her goal is to become the strongest, and she doesn't care what she has to do to achieve that goal.

Winged Baby is a bird-in-training who rivals Pidgebeetle and focuses on training his nays rather than enjoying time with them while they're in Tag World. He is very competitive and will do anything he can to win. He will often throw a temper tantrum when he loses a game or competition. Winged Baby is very stern and puts his nays through vigorous training, so they listen to his every command. He does not care about the feelings of anyone and always wants to become stronger.

Friday, February 2, 2018

Re-designing Ilsa Kyora

I'm bringing back a very old character, but she has an extremely new re-design. I think the only thing I kept was kind of the basic color scheme. And her name.

I don't want to reveal too much yet because I haven't even written the Eventure that she first appears in, but I will probably share more info once that's done and I know more.

Her final design ended up like this:

I started out with some different hairstyles:

Then I tried out some different clothing designs:

And then the final again!