Sunday, June 11, 2017

Going to E3!!

This will be my last blog post until next week because I'll be busy at E3! I'm super excited to go, so it's been crazy packing and trying to finish everything up, since I'll be flying out to camp literally three days after I get back from E3. So here are some sketchbook pages from the past few days!

Since we finished up the Rectory of Reform Eventure, I wanted to sketch some of the new characters that were introduced on that Eventure.

I don't know who this character is, but I kinda want her to be a Nay, even if it means introducing her in an earlier part of the story. I still don't know her name or anything about her, but I kinda liked this drawing so I might do some work on refining her design at some point.

These were some doodles I did in the car ride yesterday. It was a super bumpy road so it was hard to draw, but this was a quick Music Mania session.

And then these are some doodles I did when I ate at Sumo Boy last month.

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