Friday, March 31, 2017

Off to CA!

Today I fly out to California for two weeks, where I'll be working at Spring Break Camp! I won't be posting anything on my blog during that time, but I'll post sketchbook doodles on my Instagram whenever I can. In the meantime I've been preparing and super busy. But luckily I've squeezed in a few quick drawings when I could.

I wanted to do something that I spent a little more detail on, since I've really only been doing sketches recently. Also playing around with silhouette shaping into a background. I also haven't drawn for myself other than my daily sketches in forever... This probably happened when Trekkon joined Death or got taken over. Gair has probably said this more than once though.

This was a doodle of Scroll that I did more as vent art. There were some personal life things that tried to ruin my day yesterday, so this helped me to get back into the zone and find the positivity I needed.

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