Saturday, January 21, 2017

Game Jam Progress!

I'm participating in the Global Game Jam again this year with Steve Rakar! This year's project has been a bit harder for me so far, but we're getting a lot done. I'll post our final game tomorrow or the next day, but this is the progress! Check out my Twitter for more frequent live updates!

This is a sample of what the GUI and character portraits will look like. I did this test in Photoshop, so the text and BG is not final.

And then this was a test that I did for how our menu might look. We'll probably end up using a bunch of pictures instead of an actual menu plug-in.

And here's what I spent the majority of last night on! Mr Dude is our main character, so I made sprites of him walking. I'm a bit out of practice on animation, so this was a lot harder and more time consuming than I was hoping for. But now we have a walking character!

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