Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Akuma & Landis

I finally drew a couple of Nay-A-Day drawings, mainly because I really wanted current full body drawings of these ones. These were also the last two NADs of 2016!

Akuma is a very persistent demon who will pursue his dreams, no matter what obstacles come in his path. He has a strong sense of commitment to friends. His initial dream was to become one of Death's henchmen in his Association, until his friends were in danger. Ever since, Akuma has sworn to protect the Dark Vaiyo, Sarah. Akuma seeks a sense of purpose and pulls excitement from protecting those that he cares about.

Landis is a well-known inventor who is very wealthy because he owns a large company in North Harbor. He is always working very intently in his laboratory, and helped by his assistant robot, Zitca. Landis does not give himself very many breaks, especially considering his old age, mainly because he is a dedicated workaholic. When he is not working for his company, he is creating virtual reality games for his grandchildren to enjoy. On the side, he also owns an animation studio where he will direct series for his grandchildren to enjoy. In short, he is an extremely hard worker and loves creating content for his grandchildren.

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