Friday, December 30, 2016

Gamishness Screenshot Makers

This is a fun new activity that my brother thought up for us to do. We made a list of games, and from there, we would make a fake screenshot in that style, based on our Eventures, with our own characters, from our story.

So this one is Scott running into Dallasama in the Demon World.. in Wild Arms 3 style! It was very challenging to keep with very sharp edges and the faces in WA3 are a bit too generic anime styled for me, so that was also a challenge to keep within that style, haha.

This one is of Piko and Gair facing off in the World K Tournament... in The World Ends With You style! After doing pixel art earlier today, I had to take a break and go back to drawing. I love the TWEWY style, and it's a lot of fun to draw in. I was surprised how well my characters translated into this style.

This is when Sarah and Trekkon first meet at a dance in Undertale style! Pixel art is sooo challenging for me! And Undertale's is pretty simplified, so getting this down was hard. Also I kinda messed up the light sources a bit, but I tried to fix it by making two.

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