Friday, November 25, 2016

Mary & Fishey

Since I've been super busy with work, I haven't had a whole lot of time to draw characters. But I've been trying to draw them when I can! I assume I'll just be drawing them on weekends from now on.

Mary is a young girl who loves macaroni and cheese. She can tell what shapes the noodles are, no matter what, even with her eyes closed. Mary doesn't really talk with many kids outside of school, but Etzor is the first one she really did speak with at all, when he gave her some mac and cheese. She sits next to him in Science class, and they started talking when he let her copy his homework, because she forgot to do it.

Fishey is a master of disguise who eats flesh. He has the ability to jut his bones out of his flesh to use as weapons. His natural form is pure bones, this is merely his Dog-Fish form. He and Boney have had a past of rivalry, so Fishey takes every opportunity that he has to attack the little ones.

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