Monday, October 31, 2016

James & Peony

Some more daily characters!

James is a general of the Tano military force who is often very manipulative. He does whatever he can to get things for himself, even if it means telling lies and betraying his teammates. James is one of the higher ups of the Tano military, and often holds meetings in his own household. His son Gostream does not agree with a lot of the things that he does, but he often ignores his sons' words.

Peony is a talkative young girl who is always interested in what her father is up to. Even though she's only twelve years old, she tries to speak with her father's friends and pretend that she's older than she is. When she tries to help him with work, he often just gives her small tasks to make her feel like she did something important for his grown-up work.

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