Sunday, October 9, 2016

Capillstation & King Stashboard

Since I was falling behind on posting these, here are some more daily characters!

Capillstation is a very energetic bodyguard of the Pearlies who is always screaming. He really likes eating pasta. Capillstation was sent to become one of the Pearlies by Pearly Johnson. He is, like Pearly Johnson, from the moon, and works under him.

King Stashboard is the proud leader of Playground City, who allows people to challenge him to Four Square, if they can reach him. The number one law is that if he is beaten in a game of Four Square, he will grant a request for them. The Legendary Playground Ball is a national treasure that he treasures, but he is willing to part with it when he is defeated. He usually wears a robe made out of blankets, but when he is serious and playing Four Square, he takes it off. His grandmother is Jodie, a worman who is very strict about where he can and cannot play.

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