Thursday, October 6, 2016

Birthday Poster!

So it's my brother's birthday today! Which means, presents!

I re-drew an old poster that I made for him back in 2009. I actually printed that out large-scaled and it's hanging up on his wall right now. I thought about getting this one printed, but I ended up not finishing it until late, so that didn't end up working out. But I ended up drawing this in about 11 hours (versus the old one that was only done in about 4 hours). 
I also changed up some of the original characters to be who I think some of his new favorite characters are instead.

First of all, here's a side-by-side comparison to showcase some improvement 

Annnnnd since this took me awhile, I'm gonna take you through the process!

 It all started with this little doodle. This was to really get the layout and figure out who I wanted to be in this drawing, and where I wanted them to be placed.

 And then I fleshed out that sketch.

And then I cleaned those up and placed that logo in there. 

Then came the base colors! 

And then rendering out the characters! 

And then I started adding a bunch more effects, to kind of tie in with how the old one looked.

And the finishing touches on those effects!

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