Thursday, October 27, 2016

Aoi & Jody

These were some fun daily characters!

Aoi is a princess of Sram and the youngest of the royal Saosin siblings. She is very enthusiastic and always wants to know what her siblings are up to. Aoi doesn't really understand boundaries, and becomes upset whenever she is pushed away. She, unfortunately, is one of the victims in the Volzineon War in Sram, though.

Jody is an old woman who is known as Jody the Puzzle Solver because of her love for puzzles. She can solve just about any puzzle, unless it involves memory games. Since she's getting old, she's also getting forgetful, so her memory is not the greatest. She is very strict with kids and will usually yell at them if they are doing something she thinks is wrong. Most commonly, she tells her grandchildren "Boys! No playin' here!" when they play four square too close to her house.

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